Living Our Purpose

We live for the Glory of God

We exist to WORSHIP God by reflecting his love toward the world. Once we understand who and what God really is our automatic response is worship. The more we come to know him, the more we worship. We worship by giving him the glory that he deserves. (Giving glory just means we give him the positive attention, credit and praise that he deserves for creating and sustaining the universe!). There's no better way to glorify God than to come together to connect in love the way that he created us to. We aim to show love for others that truly reflects the love that God has shown to us. All that we do at St. John is aimed at glorifying God by loving other people in this way. 

Reflecting God's Love: Standing Together

We UNITE as members of God's family. God is about love because he is love and he's uniting everything in the cosmos in himself. In other words, he's fixing everything that's broken because he loves us. He looked beyond our faults and saved us without us earning it or even being capable of paying him back. Then he sent us to invite others to join the family! Life at St. John is about demonstrating the unity that we'll see after God is finished fixing everything so that people come to find the love and unity that they are searching for.  

Reflecting God's Love: Reaching Out

We CONNECT with our neighbors while we PROCLAIM the good news about Jesus! Jesus said we are to love our neighbor the way we love ourselves and told the story of the Good Samaritan to illustrate how far that love should go. As God's people we hate to see anyone suffering or lonely. We aim to relieve suffering wherever we find it. We connect with our neighbors because we love them and want to be there when help is needed. 

As we build these relationships we tell people about God's goodness and how the love that we show is just a reflection of his love. We share the gospel of Jesus hoping to relieve both physical and spiritual suffering. 

If you'd like to learn more about being saved, knowing God or joining the family just click below.